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London Ontario . WHO FIXES ? collision and body repair for dents , accidents and repaint. RICKY RATCHETS AT 140 Clarke Road call 519-455-5351 

The Chevrolet Impala was hit by another car that ran a stop sign .    
  Ricky Ratchets fixed it and repainted to ensure the clients were very satisfied .   
  This car got hit on the right rear corner and dented the quarter panel and ripped bumper .   

Another satisfied client at Ricky Ratchets auto repair . 

Trust your insurance repairs and collision work to Ricky Ratchets at 140 Clarke Road in London Ontario . 519-455-5351  

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Accident damage ? Body repair and collision repair , fenders , doors , hoods in London Ontario

 Ricky Ratchets auto does collision repair in London Ontario . This car had a deer jump out and the rest you can see here in pictures . We had to install a new hood and radiator with fans and repaint. Ricky Ratchets

  1. Call 519-455-5351 or drop by at 140 Clarke Road in London Ricky Ratchets Auto Ontario .
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